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Atlanta Metallurgical Services specializing in material testing. The company provides quality service when it comes to Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical and Corrosion testing of Metals, Rubber, Plastics and Electrical Testing. Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery at par with international standards, thus, providing our clientele accurate and reliable results.                                                                                                                                                               more...

Services We Provide...

Mechanical Test

» Tensile Test
» Compression Test
» Tensile Test With Proof Stress
   & Stress Strain Diagram
» Tensile Test at Elevated Temp
   (Hot Tensile)
» Hardness Test

Metallographic Testing

» Microstructural Examination
» Ferrite Measurement
   (ASTM E-562)
» Intermetallic Phases
» Nodularity

Chemical Analysis

» Spectro Analysis
   Ferrous Base
   Non Ferrous Base

Corrosion Testing

» Salt Spray/Fog Test
   (ASTM B-117)
» Electrochemical Impedance
» Intergranular Corrosion Test
   (IGC) (ASTM A-262)
   Practive- A,B,C,E.

Miscellaneous Testing

» Jominy Hardenaeility Test
  (ASTM A-255)
» Ultrasonic Testing
» Conductivity Testing

Material Solutions

» Solutions for the Material You Want to Replace With Same Properties

Consulting for Lab Setup

» Complete Laboratory Setup for Colleges & Industries